Saturday, 18 April 2015

Honda CG 125 ignition system

The ignition system on the Honda CG 125 is simplistic and all components can be tested easily so no excuses for guessing what part is faulty , test before you buy 

The Honda CG 125 ignition consists of the following components

Ignition switch obviously this is a switch but it is important with correct operation the bike
will not operate  .

Generator   generates the voltage need to run lights and recharge the battery for starting

Pick up coil  on some models you will have a pick up coil  , this used for the ecu to calculate the timing of the spark for best running conditions

 Points contact breaker ( early models )  similar to a pick up coil it is used to time the spark for best
running conditions .

HT ignition coil   this is used to turn the 12v battery voltage to 20,25000 volts need to
make a spark jump across the spark plug gap

CDI unit   use internal mapping to create the best running condition via the electronic ignition

Regulator   ,  this takes the ac voltage generated buy the generator and converts it to no greater than 14 volts and DC current .

Spark plug         NGK DPR8EA-9

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